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When I began this journey I didn’t set out to start a company. I saw the world around me and the future for my daughter and I didn’t like it. It all started with the problem of hair. At 9 months my daughter’s final hair texture began to emerge and so did the ugly comments and social pressures. Side remarks about how I needed to do something with her hair; how one day she will look at her pictures and hate me for letting her rock her tiny tweeny fro. While others made snide remarks like, she needs a relaxer. Before she could even walk, society was already dictating how my daughter should feel about her hair and it wasn’t positive. Worst of all I was letting them. I took to the internet to find hair care products and regimens, insane right?

Eventually, stepped back and thought about my own hair journey. When and how did I fall in love with my coils? When I understood them! When I realized there is no such thing as "white" conditioner. My hair breaks when it is dry. I have to comb my hair from tip to root. Caring for my hair taught me to love and appreciate it. So I set out to find the best way to teach my daughter and maybe others how to love their hair with care and in turn love themselves. I wanted my daughter to know that her positive self-image shouldn't stem from a container of dangerous chemicals.

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