Coily Haired Daughters

Kickstart Adi Doll Project

What is Coily Haired Daughters?

Coily Haired Daughters is the brand behind Adi doll and the natural hair care kits. We aim to help kinky/coily haired young girls develop self-confidence. Frequent exposure to natural hair helps girls build a positive relationship with their hair and in the long run with themselves.

What is the Adi Doll project?

Our project is centered around natural hair doll line, that highlights the natural beauty of women of color. Adi is the first of many black and mixed-race dolls. She sports 4c textured hair that can be manipulated just like human hair! 

How Can I Support This Project?

 Like many startups, we do not have access to unlimited funds. We are reaching out to our community to pledge their support and help bring this project to fruition. We have created rewards to thank you.


How to support this project:

1. Locate the pledge of your choice below

2. Proceed to through checkout

*To give enter amount please select "other" option. All rewards are fulfilled after crowdfunding campaign is complete.

Crowdfunding campaign starts in:
[widgetic-countdown id=591f62c4ecb2a1e5158b4569 autoscale=on width=200 height=85 resize=allow-scale-down] Help us raise 25,000 to bring Adi to market. Order rewards directly from our site or simply pledge a chosen amount.

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